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Glassing the outside keel joint

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

After letting the inside keel dry for a couple of days the hulls were turned around. The outside keel joint is sharp so it has to be trimmed with a plane and sanding paper. Also some packing tape needs to be applied to prevent the epox from spreading on the hull sides while glassing. The picture below shows the prepared hulls.
Hulls ready to be glassed
Prepared keel area needs to be primed with epox.

Priming the keel

The 5 cm glass tape is then wetted and placed on top of the keel joint.

Outside keel joints glassed

This was nicely done in a one short session of 4 hours.

Success in glassing a keel

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

With the second try I managed to glass the inside of the keel without any hazards 😉 Practising and careful preparing seems to work. This took two days, one day for each hull.
Glassed inside keel

Both inside keels contain 10 meters of 2.5 cm wide glass tape and 20 meters of 5 cm wide glass tape. Note that the picture shows more boards supporting the hull in form, I have become paranoid 😉

Set backs and more wiring

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

On the week I was supposed to glass the inside of the keel but during the glassing I accidentally dropped the hull from the bow frame and spot glueing gave in. I had just placed first glass tapes, so I just removed it and went home for a beer.
I think that if I have had board screwed to the bow keeping it straight then this wouldn’t have happened. Well, it took me a couple days to gather myself and then I was back first sanding and then wiring the first hull back together.

Spot glueing the panels and wiring the second hull

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

When the panels have been properly wired and the hull bent in proper form the panels need to be spot glued together with epox.

Hull 1 spot glued

In the picture above you can see the first hull spot glued on the left side. My spots seem to be a bit wide. The other hull is ready to be wired together and in the picture below the wiring has been done and note that the sun has set 🙂

Hull 2 wired

Preparing for joining the side and keel panels

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

At the end of August I started to prepare for joining the side and keel panels. This was done by wiring the panels together with copper wire and whipping twine. The work started with drilling holes for the wires and rounding the panel edges so that they could be joint together.

Wired up panels front

After the panels were prepared they needed to be bent to correct form and the wires needed to be tightened. Above picture shows board that spreads out the sides and is supposed to be horizontal too. Front is supported by a 90 degree frame. The transom end of the hull is fully spread. The load at transom is so high that it needs to be wired with whipping twine to keep the panels together. The picture below shows the transom, I used small pieces of wood to tighten the whipping twine:
Wired panels