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Cutting bulkheads

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I haven’t had any time to work with my Blade for the last three weeks, but finally today I had couple of extra hours, so I managed to cut one sheet of Okume plywood.

Cutting Transom

In the picture above the main decks, one of the transoms and the bulkhead 15 has been already cut out and cutting last transom is still in progress. The following picture shows todays work, the bulkheads 3+8+15, the transoms and the main decks. The bulkheads and transoms still need to be trimmed and interior needs to be cut out from bulkheads.
Bulkheads and main decks

Steaming the hulls

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Last week I spent making the deck jig. This yet again nice measuring, drawing, cutting, glueing and screwing task. This was done in normal Finnish fall weather (means that it was cold, wet and dark). I planned to steam and torture both of the hulls on Sunday but making the deck jigs was such a big task that I only could torture the first hull into shape before Monday.

Luckily I managed to negotiate a slave (Tuomas) to help me on Monday and we both left work early in the afternoon to torture the second hull. Before we got to steaming the hull my dad also joined us so for the first time I really had a team working with me. While torturing the hulls the gunwale glue decided not to hold and the some of the gunwales popped out so this will have to be fixed next time.

Thanks to Tuomas “the little Japanese with the camera” I have plenty of pictures of the steaming and some of them are included below.


Preparing for steaming
Ready for action:

Hull ready for torturing


Using hot towels to steam the hull

Bow will be broken when torturing, sawing makes the breaking line straight:

Sawing the bow

More steaming:


Hulls side by side (note missing gunwales):

Hulls side by side

Forcing transom into place with car jack:

Placing the transom with car jack

Transom almost fit, I decided to use birch plywood templates for now (didn’t have time to plan and cut the Okume):

Transom still in need of pressure

Other side of the transom:


Bow (note missing gunwales):