Making the bow stem

The bow stems contains two layers of glass and six layers of plywood, so making the stems starts with cutting the plywood and the glass. After the pieces are finished the resulting jiggsaw puzzle needs to be solved with glue. The picture below contains the puzzle pieces.
Puzzle pieces
After the pieces are glued and the glue has cured the stems need to be planed. Planing is much faster with the Blade builders best friend (i.e. electric plane), it took around five minutes for each side. In picture below one of the stems is already planed.
Bow stems

After both of the stems have been planed and sanded they still need one more layer of plywood. In the picture below the stems are being cured again. Btw, the brick used as a pressure weight is made by Arabia, so it’s a “design” brick 😉
Stems curing

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