Trimming the bulkheads

I have been doing small tasks lately and it feels like I haven’t made any real progress at all. As a tribute to doing things without any visible progress I trimmed the bulkheads last weekend. Maybe next weekend I’ll manage to do some real work with the hulls again and maybe I could take some pictures with bulkheads inside the hulls 🙂


Well I took couple of pictures though. The first one above shows the frontmost and biggest bulkhead together. The smaller bulkhead show the hull shape at bow, it shows that the Blade design has quite much of flotation volume near keel line. The bigger is just front of the front beam, the hull changes quite much in one and half meters.

Bulkheads bow and transom

I took also picture with the last bulkhead. The picture above shows nicely how hull shape changes from bow to transom.

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