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Glueing bows

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

The hulls needed to be removed from deck jigs so that the bows could be glued. Before glueing I took apart the deck jigs so that I had more room to work with the hulls. I might have been little bit paranoid when glueing because I used almost all my clamps for one bow. This meant that the first bow was glued last weekend and the second bow was glued today. I took few pictures from the bow, the first one is from last weekend and the second from today after I glued the second bow.
Bow 1 glued Bow 2 glued

I have not yet made the daggerboard case because I ordered high aspect ratio daggerboards from Catamaranparts and in the plans the case is designed for low aspect ratio boards. My daggerboards came this week and I took a picture that shows the depth.

The daggerboards are longer and thinner than in the original plan. It seems that I need to be very carefull with the Finnish rocks, otherwise I’ll be rebuilding and fixing in no time ;). I have a bit of history of finding them with my (boardless) catamarans and even with the masts :).