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Glueing last plywood bulkheads, reinforcing the transom and chainplate

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

The center case is located between bulkheads 11 and 12 which are the last plywood bulkheads to be assembled, rest of the bulkheads are made from foam. After the center case is cured the last plywood bulkheads can be glued to their position.
Glueing bulkheads 11 & 12
Until now the transom was glued only from outside and next step is to reinforce the transom from inside. The transom reinforcement  is made of few layers of glass, western red cedar and plywood that are glued together. Purpose for this is that the glass along the keel line should take most of the possible forces that are directed to the bottom of the transom. The next picture shows the transom reinforcement.
Reinforcing the transom

Last step before glueing the foam bulkheads is making the chainplate for side stays and for spi chute. Obviously there will be lots of pressure directed to this plate so I decided to use few layers of kevlar instead of planned glass cloth around it.

Glueing chainplate

Next step is to trim and glue in the foam bulkheads, those were the first thing that I made around last July ;).

Making the center cases

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

The cases for daggerboards are made of Okume with cedar spacers. I had to be little bit creative this time because the plans are made for low aspect ratio boards and I ordered high aspect ratio boards. Because of this I moved the back wall of the case few centimeters forward and made it little bit shorter so that center of daggerboards would be at the same spot than in the plans. In the picture below you can see the back side of the case.
Center cases

After the cases are cured it is time to do some dry fitting.

Daggers in center cases Dry fitted

Because I moved the back wall of the case I  decided to put additional cedar block behind the wall so that it will completely solid.

Dry fitted 2

The case is put to correct position wit spacer and then it’s straightened with support screwed to gunwales.
Center cases ready to be glassed

Last step is to fillet and glass the case to hull.

Filleted and glassed

When case glassing is cured the last two plywood bulkheads can be glued around it. So interior of my Blade is getting along pretty well :).

Making the bridle fitting

Monday, February 5th, 2007

It has been again a long time without an update. Currently my schedule seems to be that I’ll do something every week, but the progress has not been that fast. Well of course it takes time to do things properly ;).
Steel work

Making the bridle starts with some steel work i.e. rounding the outside end and drilling some holes that let the screws go through the steel. It was maybe the third time that my Dremel set was used and this time for something usefull. After the steelwork and making the cedar pieces for fitting it was again time to put pieces together.

Bridle pieces

After some dry assembly, glueing the bulkhead 3, the bridle fitting and the 1/3 bulkhead (used as a back wall for fitting) starts.
Bridle fitted

The bridle fitting will hold forestay, so I used kevlar in addition to normal glass cloth. Hopefully this will make difference when there will be lots of load on the fitting :).