Making the center cases

The cases for daggerboards are made of Okume with cedar spacers. I had to be little bit creative this time because the plans are made for low aspect ratio boards and I ordered high aspect ratio boards. Because of this I moved the back wall of the case few centimeters forward and made it little bit shorter so that center of daggerboards would be at the same spot than in the plans. In the picture below you can see the back side of the case.
Center cases

After the cases are cured it is time to do some dry fitting.

Daggers in center cases Dry fitted

Because I moved the back wall of the case I  decided to put additional cedar block behind the wall so that it will completely solid.

Dry fitted 2

The case is put to correct position wit spacer and then it’s straightened with support screwed to gunwales.
Center cases ready to be glassed

Last step is to fillet and glass the case to hull.

Filleted and glassed

When case glassing is cured the last two plywood bulkheads can be glued around it. So interior of my Blade is getting along pretty well :).

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