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Deck support, glueing inside of the hulls and the foam bulkheads

Monday, April 9th, 2007

This post contains work from longer period of the time, it seems that my update schedule is once in a month. I decided to make the plywood bridges supporting the deck before coating the interior with epoxy (bad decision because they were on the way when sanding and coating). The gunwales were first notched and then the bridges fitted to these notches. First rough trimming was made based on deck curve template.
Plywood bridges Trimmed plywood bridges

After trimming the bridges they were ready to be glued. At the same time some western red cedar was glued around the beam landings and the center case to provide better support for decks.

Deck support Bridges glued

After sanding (yes I know, I should have removed the extra drops of epoxy when it was still wet) the interior was coated with two layers of epoxy, in the picture below the first layer is applied almost everywhere. I decided not to coat gunwales and plywood bridges yet because I was too lazy to sand the glue mix off them.
Almost water proofed

In the Blade plans there is a tube going through the hull for the trapeze wire (well, rubber band). I decided to use carbon tube (from Kevra) and put some kevlar on the hull attachment. If the carbon tube will be worn out then the kevlar will hopefully hold.
Carbon tubing Carbon tubing part 2

In the last picture the foam bulkheads are inserted to hulls. There is still some trimming to be done before applying the glue.
Foam bulkheads

Next I’m going to take short brake to get my keel boat on the water. After she’s ready to sail I’ll get back to building the Blade, the estimate is first weekend of May. My goal was to have the foam bulkheads glued after eastern, so I’m one work day behind of the schedule.