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Last interior work and decking

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I had too many pictures to sort out and so I didn’t write a post a week ago even though I promised to do so in my last post ;).

Last of the foam bulkheads were glued in May. At this point the plywood bridges were not trimmed so it looks like my foam bulkheads should have more height.
Foam bulkheads Foam bulkheads2

Before the decking I also had some repairing to do. I had a nasty crack on one hull just behind bulkhead five. The plywood had a hollow spot and also I might have been too hasty when inserting the bulkhead. I applied expoxy filler to the inside and layed glass on top of it. After it had cured I planed and sanded the crack from outside. I plan to put some glass on top of it after the hull is glued.

The main decks were cut out and the carbon tubes for trampoline were clued to them. I used some bricks to get the tubes tightly pressed to the main decks.
Tubes for tramp Tubes for tramp glued
Also the fore and rear decks were cut out. At first I measured the fore decks to be slightly shorter, but when fitting out they were luckily right size ;). I also decided to fill some screw holes while fixing the crack, so my hulls look little bit spotted.
Fore and rear decks Decks cut out

The fore decks have a lot of bend, so it was time to do some steaming again. The rear (and main) decks do not have the same amount so they can be glued directly without steaming.
Fore decks steamed Fore decks steamed 2 Rear decks glued

All in all, I’m slowly moving from interior work to outside work. I still have the target to sail in July, so let’s see what happens. Something that I have learned at this point is that even though I have good estimates about how long some task takes I tend to over estimate the time that I’m spending on working. I should have more time to work with the project in next few weeks, so I hope that my progress will be better.

Masts and stuff

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Yesterday I received a delivery from Holland, it contained two wing masts, rigging, one set of dagger boards and two sets of rudders. In the picture below the masts lying happily beside our house, looks good eh?
However there was a dent in one mast between the stay and diamond wire attachment. The transportation was insured and Hans from Catamaranparts is providing really good service to resolve this issue, so only thing lost was some time.

I’ll try to post tomorrow again with some building images, I have quite few of them lying around.