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Finishing up the hulls

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The update has been lagging for long time and the Blade has seen some water already. Maybe most biggest reason why it took so long time to write this post was the disappointment of my spray paint skills, I just couldn’t go through the paint pictures without getting upset.

After the fairing it was time to open the center cases and trampoline tube. The center case needed to be filled with some foam (light weight) and epoxy (needed support for dagger board). The glass tape covering the trampoline tube was also cut open and trampoline tested on them.
Making daggerboard cases Finishing trampoline tube
After finishing up it was time to paint the hulls. The painting was done in my parents car shed. I needed to cover the shed with some plastic because my dad had just painted the shed a week before I started to paint the hulls ;). The hulls was first painted with few layers of epoxy primer and then two layers of polyurethane top coat.
Preparing for painting Painting primer Painting polyurethane topcoat Topcoat part two
The painted surface was not that good and the hulls look spotty. This was my first spray paint job, so the last paint layer was first that I managed to do somewhat properly. I decided that I would repaint her during winter so that I can sail few times before it’s too cold to sail.